Cab Sharing

Cab Sharing

One of the biggest gripes some of my drivers have is the fact that when double shifted (i.e. day and night), other drivers use their cabs. For some they see the truck as theirs or are unhappy with the way it is looked after by the next driver. For this I am looking for a solution rather than explaining a problem…

On the one hand the vehicle needs to make money, so the company can make money, so the drivers can drive in the trucks in the first place. The double shifting of vehicles is an essential part of a transport operator’s revenue stream in such a low margin, high volume industry and is not going away even in the smaller fleets. On the other hand, if a driver who is using a vehicle that is not usually ‘their’ vehicle mistreats the vehicle then I can completely understand the driver’s gripe (especially if the driver usually takes pride in the appearance of the cab).

It has always been my philosophy that in giving drivers the best equipment (i.e. brand new Volvo’s, DAF’s, Scania’s ect); that this not only allows them to drive in the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly manner possible, but also gives the driver a further sense of pride, professionalism, ownership, responsibility and general enjoyment of driving (happy drivers). It can be difficult to manage the ‘handover’ from one driver to the next particularly in large fleets. There has to be an element of trust from all parties that the cab will return in the same condition as it left the depot in the first place!

So what is the best way to ensure that a driver who does not usually drive a particular truck treats it with the respect that the majority of drivers do? And ensuring this without the need for overly aggressive and responsive actions such as disciplinary action. I am looking for proactive initiatives here.

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